Saturday, October 15, 2011

The D word Part 2...

So my daughter just came home from a late-night trip to Busch Gardens with her church youth group.  She met a guy.  She was all giddy talking about him.  Her friend that's spending the night silently nodded along while my daughter gushed about this boy.

"He's sooo nice!"

"He's sooo cute!"

"He's on the football team. Want to see a picture of him?"

It was clear to me within the first, oh... 10 seconds, where this was going.

She:  So... he asked me to homecoming too... and it's the same night!  Can I tell Casey I don't want to go?

Me: No!

Friend: Yeah!

Me:  Thank You Mary!

She: Shut up Mary!

Sorry Casey... I hope she treats you nicely on your date and doesn't sulk because you're not the Busch Gardens guy.  I hope the restaurant you choose doesn't have tablecloths, unless they're paper.  And please, skip the flowers.  She's just not that into you.  To her, you are now merely a life lesson in honoring your word.

One day she's going to go on a date with a guy she's crazy about.  I'm glad this first date is with 'just a friend.'  It makes this whole new frontier in growing up a little less scary.  For me.  Baby steps...

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